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We ensure a competitive advantage for client partners in the successful packaging, production and distribution of entertainment content worldwide. Lacey brings a sharp attention to detail and a fully integrated, 360 degree approach to content distribution seeking to maximize both exposure and revenues across all potential platforms, including linear and non-linear exploitation that helps to drive highly valuable revenues from the merchandise licensing of content rights.

Lacey’s relationship with broadcasters worldwide, and the experience earned with the successful distribution of over 3,300 episodes of entertainment content that includes some of the most popular brands and franchises in the global kids entertainment sector provides clients with an accomplished partner who is driven to succeed.

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Founded in 1994, Lacey Entertainment is a recognized leader in worldwide entertainment content creation, production and distribution, specializing in innovative and creative approaches in the packaging, financing, production and audio visual exploitation of content in the U.S. and around the world.

Lacey has engineered some of the most successful broadcast launches over the past 3 decades which provided tremendous exposure that served to help propel merchandise licensing revenues into the billions of dollars for rights holders. Lacey develops and executes a marketing strategy for all content that seeks to exploit rights for all forms of audio visual exposure. With a keen eye for compelling content that will attract strong and loyal viewing audiences, Lacey astutely markets each and every program on a market by market basis, always seeking to generate maximum exposure and revenues and establish whenever practicable program franchises that work across multiple territories over multiple years.

Unlike many independent distributors, almost all of Lacey’s content has been launched as original, first run programming, i.e. without benefit of previous exposure of movie box office, book sales or TV series. Such an effort requires a command of the content, an appreciation for story telling, savvy marketing and steady focus on execution timed to create and meet market opportunities.

Frequently, distribution of children’s content requires a collaborative effort with numerous rights holders, including creators, producers, toy and video game companies, publishers, licensing partners and many others. Over the years and with numerous clients including some of the biggest multi-national life style and entertainment companies worldwide, Lacey has consistently demonstrated the necessary skills and an approach required by the highly competitive nature of entertainment content distribution.

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Brian Lacey applies creativity, smart marketing, focused management and an astute appreciation for content that has created a tremendous level of success throughout his career.

Brian has packaged, produced and/or distributed over 3,300 episodes of entertainment content broadcast in over 130 countries, across a wide range of genres including movies, light entertainment, documentaries, drama, formats and most particularly in children’s content generating hundreds of millions of dollars in license fees alone. Among the most recognizable kids content that Brian has distributed includes – the global phenomenon Pokémon, along with the mega hits TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Yugioh!, Voltron:Defender of the Universe, Shin chan and Dinosaur King among many others.

Brian has worked with virtually every major broadcast platform worldwide, including Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, the BBC and the ITV (UK), TF1, France Television, M6 and LaGardere TV (France), RTL II (Germany), Media Set and K2 Discovery (Italy), Antena 3 and Telecinco (Spain), ABC, Nine and Ten Networks (Australia), Televisa and TV Azteca (Mexico), Globo (Brazil), Corus (Canada), SABC (South Africa) and many, many others.

Brian’s co-production expertise and experience covers nearly 30 years, working with financiers, rights holders and production partners around the world, most notably in France, Canada, the UK, Japan, Korea and others. Some of his co-production credits include Denver the Last Dinosuar (Paris based IDDH and World Events Productions), Where in the World is Carmen San Diego (a format production with Paris based Marina Productions and France Television), Mr. Men and Little Miss (Breakthrough Entertainment and Marina Productions), Rocket Monkeys (Breakthrough Entertainment and Teletoon Canada) among others.

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