Kiva Can Do! is a delightfully charming series that features a young girl with a wonderful imagination and an expansive spirit that allows her to explore nearly everything and anything.

Along with her best friend, Saul, and her dog, Angus, Kiva conceives some amazing adventures that bring them around the world and well beyond. The stories and dialogue are playful and fresh with just the right comedic touch that makes for compelling young children’s entertainment.


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Program Description

Each day after school, grandmother Nanni brings Kiva to her home where Kiva, Saul and Angus have the run of the living room and this special place is where every awesome adventure begins. Nanni’s home is an incubator for ideas and dreams that are filled with promise and excitement. Using whatever odds and ends are found around Nanni’s home, Kiva and Saul quickly transform these items into fantastic props for their adventures – submarines, rocket ships, robot suits, igloos, pirate ships, scuba gear, fire engines, satellites and much more.

Kiva Can Do! is an original series with positive pro-social stories that are characterized by warmth and cheerful fun that reflects the highly imaginative play patterns of children around the world. Kiva is an especially aspirational character helping to encourage constructive development.

The Kiva Can Do! story telling and dialogue deftly avoids academic and pedantic moralizing that children viewers instinctively consider dull and trite. The ensemble cast of characters, most notably the very affectionate relationship with grandmother Nanni, helps to infuse an important and genuinely authentic trans generational appeal to the series.

Featuring a colorful and multi-textured animation production design combined with magical storytelling, the Kiva series will deliver a strong and loyal viewing audience. The kid identifiable characters living in their own worlds gently remind and encourage young viewers that like Kiva – anything you can dream, you can do.

Format: 52 x 11 minute episodes

Character Bios


Kiva is a bright young girl with oodles of imagination. Every situation becomes an opportunity for Kiva, an opportunity to go wherever her inspiration and creativity may take her. A mash up of MacGyver and Ellie from UP!, Kiva is clever and confident, inventive and imaginative. She enthusiastically embraces the new and the unknown.

With a natural talent for designing and building, Kiva’s motto is simple — ‘try and try again’. Failure is not in Kiva’s vocabulary. If she has a setback she just tries something new. She loves challenges. She is fascinated about all things. She loves to explore and to learn. She is dauntless in her pursuit of her fantastic imagination that leads to wonderful, fun filled escapades.

Using whatever she finds in her Nanni’s home, Kiva can construct anything and then the fantasy adventures begin for Kiva, along with steady Saul and spunky Angus. The only limit to the possibilities of what might happen is Kiva’s own boundless imagination. Kiva Can Do!


Saul is that charming little boy next door that every child wishes to have as a best friend. He is fun loving and always prepared to assist Kiva in whatever she undertakes. He eagerly looks forward to Kiva’s daily arrival to neighbor Nanni’s home. But he is much more than Kiva’s friend. Saul is her ‘right hand man’, helping to select just the right materials, ensuring all construction projects are executed to Kiva’s satisfaction and being there as a trouble shooter. But his passion for always doing it right sometimes results in unexpected and humorous twists in their adventures.


A cardboard pooch with paper towel roll legs? Don’t tell anyone. This is a special secret only known to Kiva and Saul. In Kiva’s wildly imaginative world, Angus is a fearless hound, ready to protect his owner and her friends. Angus is that loyal dog that every child treasures. He sniffs out important clues. He bristles and barks when Kiva and Saul are in trouble. He cuddles when shown affection. And, he plays a terrific game of fetch!


Every child should have a grandmother like Nanni. She provides that loving back-up support for Kiva each and every day after school until Kiva’s mom and dad return home from work. She stimulates Kiva’s imagination with her own fascinating childhood stories and experiences. Whenever Kiva and Saul need some help, Nanni is there to guide, to suggest, to encourage and sometimes to provide some much needed refreshments for refueling. Nanni will find herself cast in various roles in Kiva’s dramas, anything from an alien invader to a mermaid queen to an archaeologist, all masterfully performed by Nanni with relish and child-like glee.


Kiva lives with her mom and dad, Sheila and Jitesh, in the city. Jitesh who is Nanni’s son, is a professional chef who creates wonderful dishes filled with exotic spices and flavors. Kiva thinks her dad’s food is not only delicious and nutritious, but it’s also very beautiful – a yummy work of art. Like many dads, Jitesh is crazy about all sports and is something of a big kid. He’s an expert at classic arcade games and will talk for hours on the subject recalling his childhood experiences at achieving high scores. While he is competitive by nature, he is definitely not a sore loser because Kiva is quite skilled at all kinds of games and sometimes beats her dad.


Kiva’s mom, Sheila has a very different job — she’s a civil engineer. She loves tackling difficult problems and finding ways to make things work better. Though Sheila has infinite patience for complicated work, she cannot for the life of her understand quite why Jitesh is so obsessed with sports and old arcade games. Sometimes when Jitesh and Kiva get caught up playing video games, she wonders who is the bigger kid — her husband or daughter! But Sheila does love games of strategy and is tough to beat playing checkers, chess and mahjong! By observing her mom and dad at work, Kiva learns that whatever you want to achieve, taking lots of little steps toward your goal eventually leads to the big discovery.


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KCD101 Antarctic

On a hot summer’s day Nanni decides to make some refreshing Falooda. Unfortunately, Nanni’s freezer has broken – no ice means no yummy slushy drink for Kiva and Saul unless they can figure out a way to get some ice! An Antarctic adventure aboard a dog sled ensues as Commander Kiva and Polar Saul, along with a friendly, crafty penguin, search for the perfect icicle to take home to Nanni.

KCD102 Abracandangus

As Nanni tries to fix her vacuum cleaner, she tells Kiva and Saul that growing up in India she used a carpet beater to clean her Mum’s rug. Kiva and Saul decide to look for Nanni’s legendary lost carpet beater in the Dusty Desert but how will they get there? On a flying carpet of course! Along with a little help from their trusty genie, Abracadangus, Kiva and Saul manage to retrieve Nanni’s mythical badminton racquet carpet beater!

KCD103 Onto the Rainbow

As the rain pours down, Nanni’s umbrella gets turned inside out by a gust of wind just as they reach her front door. Kiva and Saul build Nanni a replacement, unbreakable umbrella, but it will have to be tested before they give it to her. And where better to test it than on a rainbow! They float up to the clouds but soon the weather changes Kiva and Saul must propel themselves off the rainbow before it disappears!

KCD104 Up, Up and Away

Saul is proudly showing his new balloon to Kiva and Nanni, but in his excitement he lets go of the string and it floats up to the top of Nanni’s landing. Kiva designs a crafty hot air balloon to float to the rescue! This leads to a fun adventure on Party Island. Along with a little help from Angus and Explorer Nanni, (and some jelly trees!) they reach the summit of Up Down Mountain. They retrieve Saul’s elusive red balloon but will need some inspired mods of the hot air balloon to descend Up Down Mountain….

KCD105 Jurassic Lark

Nanni is making Pakora but is having trouble peeling the fiddly boiled eggs. Kiva and Saul want to find one giant egg to make it easier for her. A dinosaur egg would be big enough but where would they find one of those? In a Jurassic world of course! They construct a time-machine to take them back through time. Along the way ‘Angusaurus’ is mistaken for a baby dinosaur by a friendly Mummysaur, and Kiva and Saul learn a great way to peel an egg by watching a baby dinosaur hatch.

KCD106 Things that Go Bump in the Pipes

Nanni’s heating is on the blink and the pipes are emitting some strange noises so Kiva and Saul decide to investigate. All aboard the super sonic tracking boat to travel through the pipes! The source of the noise turns out to be an out of tune trumpet, played by a friendly spider. In return for a tune up, the spider helps the Adventurers to rescue Angus from the bubble wrap water and return home.

KCD107 Fishy Friends

Nanni is looking after her neighbour’s fish Neptune, but he is nowhere to be seen in his fish bowl. Kiva and Saul don their dive suits and head into the deep sea of the imaginary fish bowl in search of Neptune. With Angus to help they locate Neptune and discover he is the King of the Fishes!

KCD108 Flower Power

Saul’s attempt at yoga leads to a broken lotus flower pot. Nanni explains that the lotus flower grows way up high on a mountain in India. Kiva and Saul fashion themselves some jetpacks to reach the summit and, with a little help from the Guardian of the mountain, choose a new pot for Nanni’s lotus. An over zealous Angus sends the pot rolling down the mountain so it’s bubble boards at the ready for a hasty descent to catch Nanni’s new pot.

KCD109 Journey to the Centre of the Sofa

As Nanni laments losing the tiny screw from her glasses, amongst other things, down the back of the couch, Kiva and Saul design an ingenious way of finding it. They decide to build a shrink ray and shrink themselves! The two tiny explorers accompanied by Angus head into the cavernous couch on a quest to retrieve the elusive screw.

KCD110 Black Hole

Saul, in Nanni’s house for a sleepover, comes equipped with his shiny new telescope to stargaze with Kiva. Unfortunately, his telescope isbroken. Nanni to the rescue but she can’t fix it until she finds her glasses. She suggests that they must be lost in a black hole in space. Kiva and Saul set about building a giant telescope in order to explore the night sky, but soon discover they will need to bounce into the black hole themselves in order to rescue Angus and retrieve Nanni’s glasses. Nanni and Kiva are busy in the garden collecting leaves, when Cowboy Saul rides in on his trusty steed – a broomstick! He regales them about the work of cowboys in rounding up critters. Calamity Kiva decides they can improve upon a broomstick as they set about building the Giddyup 3000 quad-bike. It’s off to the Wild West to round-up some rogue sheep before a twister hits!

KCD116 Root of the Problem

As Nanni bemoans her chances of winning a giant vegetable growing contest after uprooting some tiny carrots from her veggie patch; Kiva and Saul decide to take a leaf out of Jack and the Beanstalk’s book and head to a Giant’s garden in search of a giant carrot. They create an elevator beanstalk to reach their destination, where they strike a deal with a friendly Giantess, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Nanni!

KCD117 Space Fetch

Nanni’s TV has lost reception – just as her favourite movie, Bazaaz in Space, is about to start. It must be the satellite that’s causing the problem. Kiva and Saul transport themselves into space to fix it! In order to realign the satellite, they devise a game of fetch with Avik the friendly alien and her rambunctious dog Agnes and Angus of course!

KCD118 Going Underground

While helping to tidy up Nanni’s cluttered living room, Kiva and Saul unearth an old photograph of youthful Nanni and Jitesh holding a time capsule. A map on the back of the photo leads to an underground adventure to find the buried time capsule- Let’s get digging!

KCD119 Sun Seekers

Nanni is making some epic mods of her own by fixing solar panels to her house. As darkness falls there isn’t enough sunshine to power them – but when it’s night time here it’s day time at the other side of the world! Time to build a subterranean slide to traverse the globe and collect some sunshine. Watch out for those rabbit holes Angus!

KCD120 Kiva Can Boo

It’s Halloween but Nanni has no costume! All aboard the ghost train as Kiva and Saul search for the perfect outfit. There’s sure to be some frights along the way. As train chugs through some creepy tunnels towards a ghoulish castle it gets derailed – they’ll need some inspired, magnetic mods to complete their spooky mission!

KCD121 Diagnosis Naughty

It appears that poor Angus has hurt his paw. Luckily Dr Kiva and Dr Saul are on hand to make a diagnosis. An x-ray of their frisky patient reveals no breaks so it’s time for the specially equipped dog scan to carry out a full work up. As Angus larks about, our two caring vets soon catch on and make their diagnosis: Naughty dog!

KCD122 Special Delivery

Nanni has made a beautiful wedding present for her cousin Devika but she has left it too late post it. The elephant headdress gift will never make it all the way to India in time! That is unless Kiva and Saul can figure out a way: Time for the Sky Scooter to make a special delivery!

KCD123 Cricket Crack Up

Kiva and her dad, Jitesh, are trying to explain the rules of their favourite game cricket to Saul but Jitesh’s broken arm is hampering his efforts Kiva designs a bowling machine to help so it’s off to the cricket pavilion to test out the Bowlomatic 5000! With Angus fielding the pitch-side confetti cannon takes a knock. Some epic mods are required if the end game celebrations are to go ahead!

KCD124 Scaredy Cat

Saul is excitedly telling Kiva about his school trip to the fire station when, Nanni’s neighbour phones to say her cat has gotten stuck up Nanni’s tree. Looks like job for our two intrepid Firefighters, Saul and Kiva, and a trusty fire-house dog, Angus of course! They’ll need some transportation so they construct a fire truck; and Saul shows true bravery as a crafty squirrel threatens to hamper their rescue mission.

KCD125 I Spy Butterfly

Nanni is showing Kiva and Saul her well-thumbed, butterfly book when, to her dismay, she spots that a page is missing. This page contained a photograph of the rare Mexican Swallowtail. Kiva and Saul decide to head to Mexico in search of this elusive butterfly in order to draw a replacement picture for Nanni. They have built a rock walker to combat the tricky terrain but soon discover they’ll need to fly if they are to capture a true likeness of the butterfly – time for some nifty mods as the rock walker becomes a butterflyer!

KCD126 Atlantis Ahoy

Oh dear, Nanni’s house has sprung a leak! Nanni explains to Kiva and Saul that it reminds her of the Lost City of Atlantis. To help stop the leak, our two curious explorers will firstly need to find out what happened to Atlantis. Diving Bell ahoy, as they plunge underwater to plug the leak and save the lost city.

KCD127 Yoohoo Cuckoo

Nanni’s old grandfather clock is in need of a little oil to get it tick-tocking again. As Nanni tends to it Saul points to the small door above the clock face. This was once home to Yuhu the cuckoo, Nanni explains, but she hasn’t seen him since she was a little girl. In their custom made cogmobile Kiva, Saul and Angus explore the inner workings of the clock in search of the elusive cuckoo! They’ll need to spring into action if they’re going to locate Yuhu in time!

KCD128 Kiva’s Cure

Atishoo! Poor Nanni has a cold. A nice hot lemon drink would make her feel better, but Nanni hasn’t got an lemons.Time for Kiva, Saul and Angus to head to the lemon groves of India in search of a cure. The lemons sure are tricky to find – it’s good thing Kiva has designed a nifty lemon picker to help fish them out!

KCD129 Kiva vs Chompatron

It’s monster truck time but Nanni’s car won’t start – how will they get there in time? In Kiva and Saul’s custom built Nanni-mobile of course! As they come grill to grill with the terrifying Chomp-A-Tron in the monster truck arena they may need to sup up the Nanni-mobile.

KCD130 A Pig Surprise

Jitesh has built Nanni a brand new garden bed and it’s going to need lots of soil to fill it. Farmer Kiva and Saul are on hand to collect some in their custom-made pick-up truck. As Angus and his new piggie friend run a muck on the farm, let’s hope Kiva and Saul can suck up enough dirt to take back to Nanni’s garden.

KCD131 Stormy Night

Once upon a stormy laundry day Nanni’s house suffers a power cut. How will she dry her washing without electricity for her tumble dryer. Kiva and Saul decide to harness the power of the wind, with a little help from a heroic Angus, in order to spin the washing dry!

KCD132 Bumpy Bike

Kiva and Nanni are enjoying a cycle but Nanni’s old bicycle is struggling on the bumpy bike path. Kiva, Saul and Angus fashion a crafty road roller to try to flatten out the bumps. Along the way they meet a bouncy, boisterous yeti and discover that a little air is all that’s needed to travel smoothly over the bumps.

KCD133 Digi Kiva

Jitesh spots his favourite game, Bounce Quest, amongst Nanni’s yard sale items. As he laments over the old handheld console he spots a glitch in the game. This sends Kiva, Saul and Angus on a bounce quest of their own on the spring-tastic Pogotron 1000, in a bid to rescue the game’s hero Bouncy McBounce.

KCD134 Water Park

Nanni is taking Kiva, Saul and Sean, Saul’s little brother, to the playground. Unfortunately, the playground is flooded. Time for Chief Engineer Kiva and Surveyor Saul to climb aboard their Mega Crane and emulate Kiva’s Mum by building a dam. With a little help from Angus they’ll be sure to shore up the playground’s flood defences.

KCD135 Car Wash

It’s Holi and not even Nanni’s car can escape from the traditional colourful powder-throwing! It’s a good thing Kiva’s car wash is open for business! As the line of car customers grows the streets get a little colourful. It looks as though having been cleaned herself, Nanni’s Mrs Car will have to do some cleaning of her own!

KCD136 Bucket Lift

Nanni is cleaning her windows but all the upping and downing from the ladder is taking it’s toll on her. Kiva engineers a wonderful Wonder Window Washer invention to help. Time for Kiva, Saul and Angus to test it on the World’s tallest skyscraper. Whilst Angus is on cloud nine with his new friend Mr Seagull, Saul’s Brilliant Bucket Hooker mod keeps them all hooked on window washing!

KCD137 A Dig Out for Nanni

It’s a hot summer’s day and Nanni is lamenting the state of her vegetable patch. Her lettuces are all dried out and she doesn’t even want to get think about the cauliflowers. She’s been hoping to go to a farmer’s market to sell them but who’d buy such withered-looking article? Kiva and Saul devise an ambitious irrigation project to help Nanni and travel to the imaginary world to test it out. Despite deploying expert digger Angus as chief tunneller, they figure out that getting water to flow where you want it isn’t as easy as it sounds!

KCD138 A Bridge Too Far

Nanni’s organizing a garden party for all the family, but being Nanni, she’s invited everyone on the block too! So a verrrry long table needs to be laid out in the back garden to accommodate all the guests. Nanni uses her old wallpapering table for the job, but there’s one problem, it’s sagging in the middle and all the food keep sliding into the dip! Kiva and Saul think maybe the table is too long and decide to build their own giant version to get to the bottom of the problem. But what they end up building is more like a giant bridge, and in the imaginary world they have not just the the same issue as Nanni but all kinds of other wiggly and wobbly problems too!

KCD139 Raiders of the Lost Bark

Jitesh is helping Nanni dig a fish pond in the back garden. Nanni is so pleased, it’ll be just like the one her Grandpappi had in the garden back in India. But turning the first sod,there’s already a problem- Jitesh’s spade hits rocks! He tries another spot, then another, Nanni is starting to wonder if he’s dig up her whole garden. Kiva is inspired to come up with a geophysical ‘ground-radar’ to find the best spot. But when she and Saul try testing it in the imaginary world, they get more that they bargained for, and discover rocks of a very different kind from a time long, long ago- the Angus Age…

KCD140 Insider Job

Somethings up with Angus, he hasn’t been himself all day. Kiva thinks he might have eaten too many doggie-treats and is sure it’s trapped wind! She’s tried burping him, but to no avail- and they can’t really play without him, so what else can they do? Kiva has a lightning bolt of inspiration. She designs nano-suits for her and Saul that will allow them to go inside Angus and find out! One small problem- the nano-suits will only work for a short period of time- they’ll have to find the problem, and fast. But the inner workings of a cardboard dog are more complicated than they bargained for, and their journey through Angus’ inner-space becomes a race against time.

KCD141 Pisa Cake

It’s Saul’s birthday and Kiva and Nanni have been planning a special surprise for him, a ten-tiered Peacock Cake! But there’s a problem, may be the mixture was too moist or the icing didn’t set right- the whole thing is lopsided. For once, Kiva and Nanni must worked together to solve the problem, without letting Saul in on the reason. They travel to an imaginary Pisa, where Kiva must solve the riddle of the famous Leaning Tower in order to figure out how to save Saul’s cake. And it’s all going fine because Kiva and Nanni are so good at keeping secrets. But Angus on the other hand…

KCD142 Laser Quest

Saul is delighted because the new Space Defender building block set he saved up for has finally arrived! He and Kiva set to work building the craft. They are almost finished when disaster strikes. The last piece is missing! Without it they can’t fire the laser systems. Saul is inconsolable- he’ll have to wait weeks for one tiny piece in order to finish his space ship. But Kiva has an idea- she designs special software and a 3D printer which can replicate anything right there in their living room! One small problem – Saul doesn’t know what the piece looks like. Kiva and Saul must go to an imaginary Galaxy far far away to see a real Space Defender craft and find out what the piece looks like.

KCD143 Angus the Red-Nosed Reindeer

It’s Christmas and even though Nanni always gets her ‘Irish’ holidays mixed up, she knows all about this one- presents, carols and a festive –oops!- she forgot the tree. And there isn’t a single one left in the shops. Kiva and Saul must snap into action and save Christmas for Nanni. But as usual, Kiva sees this as the opportunity to invent the ultimate Christmas tree- one which doesn’t involve chopping one down, uses no electricity for the fairy lights and is 100% recyclable. But one thing she hadn’t planned for is that the craft box is practically empty! Kiva and Saul realize they are going to need a Christmas miracle, which arrives from an unlikely source – Angus.

KCD144 Riddle of the Sands

Kiva, Saul, Nanni and Angus are out for a day on the beach. Saul has come up with an elaborate sandcastle that is a world beater- almost as tall as he is, fully moated and with a cantilevered drawbridge. He and Kiva have great fun building it, but –oops!- they’d forgotten about the tide coming in. And worse luck, the ambitious castle is crumbling under it’s own weight. Kiva must think fast and she sketches out a sea defense there in the sand. Kiva and Saul become Marine Engineers – in a desperate battle against the tide itself and need to solve the riddle of saving Castle Saul before it’s too late.

KCD145 The Third Angus

Kiva’s known for a long time that Saul loves Angus just as much as he does- and he’d love a magical puppy of his own. She could make him his own Angus, but he wouldn’t be exactly the same- but what if he could be? Despite Angus’ misgivings, Kiva sets to work on a replicator device – but she gets more than she bargained for- instead of making a second Angus, she makes two MORE Anguses! Initially delighted with her result, she soon finds these new Anguses are quite different from the original. While they both look alike, each behave very differently. One has all of Angus’ good qualities while the other is pure mischief. Kiva enlists Saul to help her reverse the experiment before the Third Angus completely destroys Nanni’s house. But if you want to catch a rascal, you need someone who understands one. Angus must overcome his fit of pique and help Kiva set things right.

KCD146 Web of Fear

Nanni wouldn’t hurt a fly- unlike some things. Spiders, for example! Maybe that’s why she’s got an irrational fear of them. She knows its silly but she simply can’t look in the understairs cupboard for fear of encountering an eight-legged creepy crawly! So whenever she has to retrieve a pair of wellies or a lost vacuum cleaner attachment it can be quite the ordeal for her. Kiva and Saul decide to help Nanni by designing a ‘spider corridor’ to coax arachnids from the cupboard outside to the safety of the back garden. But a voyage to the imaginary understairs cupboard means Kiva, Saul and Angus must confront their own phobias. And when they discover the resident spiders are quite comfortable staying where they are (thank you very much), Kiva and Saul realise that it is not only they but Nanni who must overcome her heebie-jeebies…

KCD147 Mine Crufts

There’s a dog show coming to town and Kiva would dearly love to enter Angus. Even though he’s a ‘real’ dog to her, she knows deep down some people might snigger at the idea. Angus is disappointed but maybe- she can design her own event! But it has to be fair and square and Nanni is enlisted as impartial chief judge. Kiva and Saul set to work designing a Grand Arena for the show, complete with Doggy Olympic style obstacles in which Angus must compete tor the laurels. But when Angus takes the ‘Bone Burying’ event a little too much to heart and digs down so eep that he inadvertently burrows down to a rickety abandoned gold mine, Kiva and Saul must step in to rescue him. But the mine is on the brink of collapse and the kids have to figure out a safe way of retrieving Angus without actually going down the whole themselves…

KCD148 Code Breakers

Nanni has finally entered the twenty first century and bought a smart phone- but its her very first mobile and she’s finding it tricky to navigate. In fact it doesn’t help matters that she has already forgotten her pin code- oh dear! Kiva and Saul embark on their greatest challenge yet, inventing an Enigma style code-breaking machine to help Nanni retrieve the lost pin. It’s a mixture of laptop computer and Kiva-esque steampunk motifs and it ;transports the kids into a Matrix-style imaginary world where they must retrieve from ;Nanni’s memory banks the various numerical combinations she may have used to create the pin in the first place. But getting in turns out to be the easy part- finding their way out of Nanni’s memory circuits is another task entirely.

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Kavaleer Productions is the award winning, Dublin based animation studio recognized in the entertainment industry for its outstanding content creation and production. Launched in 2001, Kavaleer enjoys a well earned reputation for quality young children’s programs, as well as interactive content for the e-learning and game sectors. Among the many Kavaleer studio credits are: “Garth & Bev”, “Wildernuts” and the popular “Boj” series.


Lacey Entertainment is a New York-based worldwide television marketing, production, and distribution company, specializing in innovative and creative approaches in the packaging, production and launching of television series in the U.S. and around the world.   Some of Lacey’s more notable children’s global broadcast distribution successes include: “Pokemon”, “Yugioh”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (TMNT),  “Voltron: Defender of the Universe”, “Shin Chan”,  “Widget”, “The Mr. Men Show” (Mr. Men and Little Miss) and “Dinosaur King” among others.


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