Dinosaurs are back – bigger, badder and better than ever! Featuring a fun loving ensemble cast of kid characters combined with exciting dinosaur battles, Dinosaur King is an animated fantasy adventure series that underscores the timeless and universal appeal of dinosaurs.

Broadcast History

Dinosaur King has enjoyed broadcast in over 100 countries around the world, including some of highest profile kids broadcasters such as CW Network (US), Disney XD in (UK, Spain, Netherlands), GMTV (UK), Canal J, Gulli TV and France 3 (France), Rete Italia (Italy), Cartoon Network/Antena 3 (Spain), RTL2 (Germany), Televisa (Mexico), Rede TV (Brazil), YTV (Canada), TEN Network (Australia), TV4 (Sweden), TV2 (Denmark), MTV (Finland), SIC (Portugal), M-NET (South Africa) and many others.

The series delivers a strong and loyal viewing audience as evidenced by the recent acquisition of the series by Netflix for SVOD exhibition in select languages.

Program Description

Set in the present time, Dinosaur King follows a group of twelve-year olds, who proudly call themselves the “D-Team,” as they dash around the world in an unforgettable global race against the nefarious Alpha Gang to discover the secrets that will bring dinosaurs back to life. The dinosaurs are brought to the present in incredible, exciting battles that colorfully come to life with CGI animation. This unique animation style of Dinosaur King — CGI animation combined with traditional cel animation — creates a rich and textured perspective, especially during exciting dinosaur battle scenes.

The Alpha Gang desperately tries to keep the D-Team from discovering dinosaur secrets that are scattered in any number of global locations that kid viewers worldwide are easily able to identify with. The stories move into another dimension, but only if the D-Team is able to find the time machine the Alpha Gang hid years ago.

Fast paced story telling punctuated with clever comedy combined with non-stop fantasy adventure ensures a fun and wonderful kids viewing experience.

Format 79x22’ episodes (Season one 49x22’ and season two 30x22’ episodes)


The D-Team is part of a larger kid-identifiable ensemble cast that appeals to both boys and girls. Max and Rex live and dream dinosaurs, and their enthusiasm is shared with their paleontologist fathers; Zoe is interested in some of the usual preoccupations of early teen girls, such as fashion and boys, but at the end of the day, she is the problem-solver for the team. Each child is paired with a dinosaur partner, such as Max’s Chomp, the Triceratops or Zoe’s Paris the Parasaurolophus.

At first the little dinosaurs resemble the perfect pet – small, growling, and cute – until brought back to life in their dramatic, full-sized dinosaur form for epic battle scenes. The villainous Alpha Gang has hidden the dinosaurs’ secrets throughout the world, and provides the perfect, bumbling and comic nemesis.

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